Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Simple Life

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Ah...the simple life!

We know our dog isn't particularly clever. And she's certainly not energetic. But she's mastered the art of getting what she wants in a quiet yet persuasive way.

If she wants food, Sila lies by her plate until one of us gets fed up of tripping over her and feeds her. If she's outside wanting to come in, Sila sits by the glass door and looks at us directly in the eye with her mournful look until one of us opens the door. If she wants to be petted, Sila flops in front of each of us in turn and waits patiently until one of us pets her.

Sila's needs are few. Water, food, (short) walks, and (long) petting sessions. That's it; that's all she needs to be happy. And because her needs are few, she's able to concentrate her energies ensuring they're fulfilled.

So...I wonder if we'd be happier with fewer needs so we could concentrate our energies fulfilling them.

When our needs are few
we can focus on fulfilling them.


  1. As I watch you sleeping on the couch, for some reason you remind me of Sila.