Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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One of the most important lessons I've learned from my children is also one of the simplest: Remember to laugh hard and often.

Our son has one of the most infectious laughs we've ever been lucky enough to hear; he laughs from deep within. There's no tittering or giggling or chuckling or snickering for him. His laugh is more of a guffaw; a loud, boisterous, long laugh that often gets others joining in without even knowing why. It's a joy to behold. But perhaps what impresses me the most is that he hasn't tamed his laugh with age and it's pretty much the same now that he's a teenager as it was when he was a youngster.

Many of us reel in our laugh as we mature and I find myself wondering why. I think our son is the wise one here...though please don't tell him as his teenage brain already has him believing that he knows more than do his dad and I!

Remember to laugh 
loud and long.

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