Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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Wealth isn't a synonym for money.

Of course, part of wealth is how much money you have and what you can buy with it. But let's remember that's only part of it. Some people have a wealth of friends or a wealth of opportunities or a wealth of knowledge. The list goes on. Yet, in the developed world, don't you think we put too much emphasis on the money part and not enough on the others?

In my travels, I've seen very poor children (financially). Yet some were very wealthy. For example, take the children in this photo. There wasn't much money in their community but there was enough food and children were cherished community members. Working parents didn't have to find a baby-sitter; the remaining adults looked after all the children well. In the evenings, adults and children played, chatted, sang, and danced in the communal area. If a child needed help, the nearest adult would give it. And the children grew up knowing their importance to the community.

Money is needed in the developed world; but let's not confuse that with wealth!

You can be wealthy 
with little money.

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