Monday, January 16, 2012

A Lesson from...Elephants

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Elephants are among my favorite animals and here's why:

Elephants live in supportive, matriarch herds that behave much like a tight-knit family. If a cub needs help, the nearest elephant will give it irrespective of whose cub it is. If the herd is threatened, the elephants pull into a tight group with their youngsters protected in the middle of the circle. When leaving a water hole, the matriarch leads and another 'trusted' adult brings up the rear making certain all the herd is safe. Elephants never attack unless provoked but, when they feel their youngsters are threatened, they'll do anything possible to protect them. And when an elephant dies, the herd grieves; any cubs left behind are adopted immediately by another female.

So much can be learned from these gentle giants if we choose to listen. Elephants live for the good of the herd, and especially for the survival of their youngsters. Just imagine how wonderful our society would be if OUR youngsters were raised in such a supported way. We humans may be at the top of the evolutionary ladder but sometimes I feel that those lower down actually know more about successful societies than we do!

Humans are at the top of the evolutionary ladder
but can learn much from those on lower rungs.

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