Saturday, January 14, 2012


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Perhaps there is nothing more beautiful than the reflection of trees in water. It brings a sense of peace and harmony and replenishes the soul.

Yet, each time I see such a reflection, my thoughts wander to how we ourselves are reflected in our children - and how that reflection may not be as beautiful as we'd like. I'm not saying that parents are responsible and accountable for all their children are and do. But how many times a day do we see a look, gesture, or act and hear phrases and intonations that exactly match our own? Each day I hear and see myself in my children and am determined to strive to make those reflections ones of which I'm proud.

Children are like little mirrors and reflect what they see and hear. Parents are not totally responsible for those reflections but I hope we make sure that at least our part of the reflection is beautiful.

Children are like little mirrors
and reflect what they see and hear.


  1. Children may be a murky reflection of their parents, but so, too, are parents a murky reflection of their children. I sometimes find myself emulating them.

  2. Mmm...but which comes first, the chicken or the egg. Though I know what you're saying. It's easy to get pulled into an argument with children if we're not careful.