Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Different is Good

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Years ago, because their roast beef sandwiches were competing with burgers, Arby's used the slogan 'Different is Good.'

Don't you think that's a slogan we should foster in our children? If adults model acceptance and celebration of differences, our children will learn to do so also. Then, perhaps, there wouldn't be this desire for neon soccer cleats, name-brand sneakers, and the latest trend in clothing just because 'everyone else has them!' We all need to 'belong'...but can't we belong AND wear different clothing?

My concern is if we can't help children accept differences in clothing then what chance to we have helping them accept differences in skin color, culture, religion, and everything else that makes us different? Let's remember that the seeds we sow in childhood are reaped in adulthood. I hope we're planting the 'different is good' seed - don't you?

Different is good.


  1. Having just read a yahoo news post on how a red headed child has been bullied, your post has been timely. The school has now resorted to removing him from his class, thereby punishing him and rewarding the bullies, this post is timely!

    Different IS GOOD.....!

  2. Thank you for your response. Sadly, I think this post would have been timely any day in the last century or so. I'm not sure how to break the cycle but I'm seriously thinking we need to begin with what parents/other adults are modeling. What do you think?