Saturday, January 21, 2012


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What is it about whistling that motivates children to learn?

I don't know how many hours each of our children spent with eyes crossed, blowing out spittle while learning to whistle! But boy, were they motivated! I remember trying to redirect the motivation by saying things like, "Now that's a great attitude to take to your math homework!," or "Oh, you're blowing well; why don't you practice your flute?"! Apparently, homework and flute don't hold the same appeal.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be if we could bottle that whistling motivation and sprinkle it over other parts of life...homework or chores, for example. Imagine saying things like, "Oh, you don't want to do your science project? Here, have some whistling motivation," or "You don't want to tidy your room? Here, have some whistling motivation."

I think I'm on to something here; we could call it whistation. Now if anyone knows how to bottle it, I know a lot of interested parents...and I'm first in line!

Why can't homework and chores
be this motivating?

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