Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enjoy the NOW

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Why do we tend to set future goals for our children rather than enjoying their current accomplishments?

Why do we say, "You scored 18/20 on the test? Maybe next time you'll get 19/10" and not, "Wow! You got 18/10; well done!"
Why do we say, "You did that in 45 seconds? Maybe next time you'll do it in 40!" and not, "How wonderful that you did it in 45 seconds!"
In other words, why don't we celebrate NOW before looking at LATER?

Our son (then 6) taught me this lesson when he took a photo of elephant rock in Utah. The photographer in me commented, "That's great. But next time, if you stand with your back to the sun you won't have these lines here." Our son looked at me as if I was nuts and commented, "But mama, it's perfect. It's raining rainbows on the elephant!" Why couldn't I have said that?

I now strive to enjoy each rainbow moment and wanted to share this perfect photo with you.

Enjoy each rainbow moment.


  1. That made me smile!!! I learnt this lesson (after 34 years of 'life') recently whilst in the USA!! So often I organised a holiday, worked out the finer details, paid for it, started the savings / spendings, then hopped on board the plane. Each destination was spent thinking about the next one. I would be in New York for a 2 day portion, but after arriving, I would spend my time thinking, ok.. So LA is next, cant wait for Sprinkles cupcakes or something along those lines.. It wasn't just about smelling the roses, it was about looking at the whole garden and really taking a walk through it and being IN THE MOMENT... Big reality check when I think of everything I think I missed in previous holidays,, or just everyday days!! xo

  2. I may be wrong here but I suspect that this comment was written by my favorite second-cousin-in-law, Kathy! If I'm correct, it was the Sprinkles cupcakes that gave you away. And you're so right in what you say; we anticipate things so much that we forget to enjoy what we're doing right now.