Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pure Love

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Is there anything more pure than a child's love?

Our youngest has a favorite toy named Raffi. She loves this toy. Raffi is now ten years old but it doesn't matter that he's dirty and a bit flat. It doesn't matter that he has holes. It doesn't matter that his neck is floppy or that he's not pink anymore. He's loved. Period. A couple of years ago, we considered replacing the giraffe but our daughter was aghast! She didn't see him as an old, failing toy but as Raffi, her beloved friend. And she wouldn't dream of putting Raffi out to pasture!

Yet, as adults, we react very differently to things (and people) who are old and failing. It seems that our disposable society doesn't feel love quite as strongly or purely as does a child. How often we hear parents say, "Get rid of that old thing," amid a child's protest.

And I wonder; are our children the ones who have it right?

Nothing is as strong or as pure
as a child's love.


  1. So true. We live in a 'replaceable' age. How quickly we are 'out with the old and in with the new'.

  2. Yes and I find that quite disturbing because there are so many who have so little. But what worries me most about disposable society is the lessons we're teaching our children.

  3. Children now of days don't seem to respect the old things as they live in a time where everything is newer and better. They don't even want to learn from their elders about how things use to be they just want to throw everything out and re-event the wheel.

  4. Do you think that's because it's what many of us are teaching them? If, as has been talked about for years, children learn from what they see then the change in behavior needs to begin with the adults. I'm not just talking parents but every adult in society AND those on tv.