Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nature Speaks

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Why is it that many people believe things have to be fancy and grand to be worthwhile?

Someone commented to me this week that they, too, could take pretty photos to write about if they could go to Africa, China, India, and other places. But isn't that a bit of a cop-out? Can't we take beautiful photos of interesting subjects in our own backyards and public parks? Good photos are not dependent on exotic places and the subject matter certainly doesn't have to be anything fancy or grand to inspire thought. For example, this photo of colorful flowers against a blue sky was taken at a local park; and to me, it's a reminder of how nature speaks volumes with its simplicity.

But we live in societies where it's believed fancy and grand is better. Look at the extravagant birthday parties many children receive today. Or the amount of gifts under our Christmas trees. Or the compulsion many feel to spend on things they can't afford. Don't you feel sometimes that life's a bit out of whack?

Nature speaks loudly...but are we listening?

Nature speaks loudly
but are we listening?

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