Thursday, May 3, 2012


So many icons and symbols tug at us emotionally. For example, think of religious icons that are pertinent to you, or conservation icons, or charity icons. Each one can pull an emotional drawstring around our hearts. But perhaps none more so than the one representing LIBERTY.

Although the statue itself is awe-inspiring, she pales in comparison to what she represents. We are free! Nobody owns us and we are free to be ourselves. We can choose our careers and where we want to live. We can choose if -and how - to worship. We can choose how to spend our time, money, and energy. We can disagree with someone (hopefully respectfully) and be protected against persecution. We can fall in love with, and marry, someone of different religion, culture, ethnicity, social class, or education.

Freedom is such an incredible gift that I hope we never take for granted. And during those dark and gloomy days we all have when things aren't going right and life seems out-of-alignment, let's remind ourselves that we are free...for these three small words have the power to help brighten any dark and gloomy day.

We are free!
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We are free.

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