Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reality or Perception?

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Don't you sometimes wonder if other people see the same thing as you? Oh we know that we all call the sky 'blue' but how do we know that what I call 'blue' is actually the same color as that which you call 'blue'? Don't you find that sometimes you see different things to what others see?

A while ago, I was on a beach in California and saw the most amazing thing; the waves had whipped seaweed around to make indentations in the sand. Added to that was the imprint of the waves on the black and tan sand. The result was artwork that was far better than anything I could dream of doing with a brush and paint. But the funny thing was that as I was busy taking photos, people stopped to see what I found so interesting. After a few moments, every single person walked away muttering that there was nothing there to photograph. Some even came back for a second look and, once more, walked away scratching their heads.

The reality for these people was that there was nothing there and I was just a bit out of it. My reality was that nature had created some exquisite pieces of art that, for some reason or another, others couldn't see.

Nature taught me a lesson that day: Reality is just a series of different perceptions.

Reality is just a series of different perceptions.


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