Sunday, January 22, 2012


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Flying birds never cease to amaze me.

Depending on the weather, at times they have to flap their wings hard to get where they're going and, at other times, they glide using the wind beneath their wings to stay airborne.

I often think how this is just like life. At times, don't you feel you have to work hard to get where you're going and, at other times, you seem to glide there? During those times when you have to work hard, isn't it great when someone decides to support you and help you out? There's an expression that a person who's a welcome relief is 'like a breath of fresh air.' I believe those breaths of fresh air can build up to being a wind - and that wind, in turn, becomes the one beneath our wings that helps us glide to where we're going.

And each time I watch birds gliding, I determine to help support someone who's struggling; I determine to be the wind beneath someone's wings. Will you join me?

Be the wind beneath someone's wings.


  1. Gives a new meaning to "Today just blows!".

  2. Hmm, I suppose it does; or maybe it just depends if you're a glass half-full or half-empty type of person.