Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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So...does anyone else see a super-hero zebra in this picture?

The photo was taken in mangrove swamps in Borneo - then turned on it's end. And even though I know it's not a super-hero zebra, that's all I can see because that's what my mind has decided it is.

How often does this happen in life? How often are we absolutely convinced of something that we know to be true and are unable to move beyond that despite evidence to the contrary? We believe what we think we see, and lose focus of everything else.

To me, the tragedy in this is that we believe our perception to be 'truth.' We believe we're right and everyone else is wrong and defend it to the end. We don't acknowledge that there are many truths. And we don't acknowledge that adding other truths to our own actually strengthens our perception and make us right more often. Instead, we fight hard to be right...when, most of the time, there's no right or wrong; only different.

Most of the time there's no right or wrong,
only different.

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