Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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We've all heard of the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly...we don't use the word 'stupid' in our home). Well, it would seem to pertain to all things in life, even photographs.

I've been known to wait hours for the light to be right to get the shot I want; yet, to be honest, some of my best photos have been the simplest. Take this dandelion, for example; it was growing in our yard and looked so beautiful in the early morning dew. I clicked, chose black and white photo and...done!

We tend to over-complicate our lives these days. We find ourselves running ragged to go here, there, and everywhere. And we have so much to organize and do that it's almost as though we all need a personal assistant! I often find myself wondering what happened to the simple times. Don't get me wrong; I greatly appreciate our technological advances and don't want to go back to 'the good old days' but I do believe that adding a little bit of simplicity to our lives would benefit us greatly. Don't you?

It's good at times to keep it simple.


  1. Haven't we all been suckered in to believing that as technology advances, life gets simpler. Despite that, most people middle age and younger would still choose to live now than back in the early 1900's.

  2. And some aspects of life DO get simpler. For example, washing was an all-day job for my mother when she had to do it down in the cellar with her tub of hot water and her mangle. But other parts of life have become more complicated as things become more accessible and we try to take on more and more.

    Remember also that 'simple' doesn't mean 'easy.'