Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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For Valentine's Day 2012 did you consider giving your loved ones the greatest gift of all? Time is something that can't be bought! Let's remember that as we get older, our knowledge grows, our influence grows, our wealth grows (and goodness only knows that our girth grows). But our time grows shorter!

Time has no empathy. Nothing can halt it as it marches on, resolutely counting down the moments in our lives. And the sooner we start making the most of our time with our loved ones, the better our lives become.

I work from home and was interrupted the other day by my youngest who wanted to share a song she'd created. I began to say, "I can't right now, babes, I'm working," when reason stopped me. In my dying days, will I remember my work or will I remember my children's eager and smiling faces? Will I clutch my publications in my weakening hands or will I find comfort in holding my children's hands? My last thoughts and memories won't be of a computer screen but of my beloved family!

We choose how to spend our time. As we do so, let's remember that as our age, knowledge, influence, and wealth grows our time grows shorter.

Happy Valentine's Day!

As our knowledge, influence, and wealth grows
our time grows shorter.


  1. Hello and what a beautiful post and great reminder. I truly appreciate you and support you in all your efforts to enlighten the earth! :)


    (P.S. Take a look at the link for your blog on your twitter profile. It took me to an unknown.)

  2. Hi again, dj, and thank you once more for your support. I am so grateful that you pointed out the problem on the twitter profile. I'll fix it and tweet the correct address to people.

  3. Excellent point, Rhia. The older we get the more we understand that.

  4. Isn't that for certain...if only we could have the wisdom of mature-age with the energy and time of youth!