Thursday, February 2, 2012


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Don't you find that some people have a profound effect on you?

I met this man over twenty years ago and don't even know his name; yet, I'll never forget him. He worked in the loft of a run-down factory in China. Day in and day out he ground corn to flour for 10 to 12 hours. We spoke only little but I was struck by the aura of contentment surrounding him. When I asked about the job (which I had judged to be menial), this humble man looked at me and answered, "I love my job; it feeds my family."

Those eight words bore their way straight into my heart and soul, and I felt my previous judgement crumble by their power. I've thought of those words so often over the years and they've helped keep me on the path of 'family before ego.'

But, as important as that message is, this nameless man taught me something even greater. For as I stood before him I realized that great wisdom comes from humility. And that's a lesson many would benefit from today, don't you think?

Great wisdom 
comes from humility.


  1. What a great lesson! Sometimes we have no idea how blessed we really are, and blessing come in many forms, and for most of us, having the basic needs of life get overlooked as being a blessing! It becomes a matter of perspective. This man is indeed wise. Nice post Rhia!

  2. Hi Rusty:
    Thank you so much for your comment. I believe we'd all be better people if we had the opportunity to live in a developing country for a while; it helps keep life in perspective. I hope to see you here again soon :)