Friday, February 17, 2012

Greater Than...

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Over and over nature shows us that whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Take, for example, this photo of dead grasses in the sunset. Taken out of context the mishmash of dried-out vegetation isn't particularly inspiring. The sunset, without the grasses, is pretty but lacking in depth. But together they create something that's beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Don't you find that this is also true in life? In other words, don't you find that there are people whose personalities combine with yours to make something even greater? And don't you find that you're happiest when you're spending time with those people?

I think we all know there are people who bring out the best in us. But perhaps what we sometimes forget is that we bring out the best in them too. To put it simply, I believe we're doing ourselves a disservice if we live by the equation 'we = you + me'. Instead, we need to find people who help us attain 'we > you + me'.

Are you one of those people?

Spend time with people who help create the equation
'we > you + me'.


  1. Wonderful Rhia. Yes, it is better to spend time with someone who helps you expand in some positive way with love, energy, joy, and happiness.

  2. Yes...and that's why sites such as work, don't you think? It's fascinating to see how we can take positive behavioral characteristics to the social media isn't it?

  3. When you are surrounded by positive people in your life you feel a warm sense of belonging. I love to share time with my spiritual family because they do this for me!

    1. I absolutely agree with you. These people really help build our emotional fuel and that's what gets us through the hard times. Thank you for that comment.