Monday, February 13, 2012

Believe in Yourself

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It's so important that we believe in ourselves and our abilities. And it's equally important to readjust our beliefs along the way.

A while ago, I had the crazy idea that I could paint. Each year there's a duck-painting competition and I thought, "How hard can it be to paint a duck?" So I bought my supplies (much to the amusement of the art store clerk who quickly figured out I didn't have a clue) and I painted. My half-finished canvas looked like a Paint-by-Numbers attempt by a seven year old and I figured that painting took a lot more talent than I had. So I readjusted my beliefs - and that's why I'm including a photo I took of a duck rather than my sad attempt at painting one!

Here's the thing; if you don't believe in yourself then you'll fail for certain. But be realistic. Believe in yourself and give it a go; but if you find out that you're not doing as well as anticipated then readjust either your expectations or your choice of activity.

In other words, believe in yourself - and bring along a healthy dose of realism too.

It's so important to believe in yourself -
and equally important to readjust those beliefs.


  1. This is a really great post, it is crucial that we do believe in ourselves, if we don't who will? It starts with us. If someone sees we don't believe in ourselves, how are they going to want to believe in us at all. So you are absolutely! Great post!

  2. You are just so sweet, Emily. Thank you for those kind words.

  3. Wonderful thought.I have always been one to try anything I think is cool just once. I tried to knit once, I had mastered crocheting in my younger days so how hard could it be... Well needless to say it was more than I could do to keep the stitches right so I resign myself to crocheting for now on. I am not one to give up on things though. I do give it my best shot no matter what the outcome I do have a great hot pad now. Thanks for sharing these words are so true to believe starts with oneself.

    1. If something is important to us, I agree that we need to persevere. Sometimes, though, don't you find that we try something and, when we need an expectation adjustment, we decide to focus on different activities instead?