Saturday, February 18, 2012

Size Matters

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I know you wouldn't expect such a title from me...but let me explain.

When he was little, our son was worried that he was short. For the last nine years or so he's been talking about growth spurts and anticipating his with excitement. Wherever we went, he measured himself; he's compared his hands to a polar bear's paws, his height to a dinosaur, and his weight to a manatee. And all this left him feeling small.

Dan and I have spent the last nine years repeating that size doesn't matter. But our son didn't buy into it. And, to be honest, I think he's right because I've realized that size DOES matter. Don't get the wrong idea; not your height or weight or anything else observable...but the metaphoric size of your heart! I believe that's what determines how big you are.

Think about it; when someone leaves an impression on you, they're likely to have done so because of their kindness or generosity, their compassion or empathy, their love or passion, or some other positive character trait that's associated with the heart. And in our minds, we visualize those people with a commanding presence irrespective of their actual stature.

So does size matter? Absolutely! But physical stature has nothing to do with how big someone is; it's the size of your heart that counts!

Stature has nothing to do 
with how big someone is.


  1. Great post, I hope that your son gets as big as he wants to be. Both in stature and heart.

    1. Me too. The one thing he can guarantee is that his heart will grow to the required size if he works on it. But, at thirteen, sadly that's not his primary goal!!

  2. I love this post. This is what is most important to remember yet it is sad that we don't get this message across more often.

    1. I totally agree with you (and it's one of my favorite posts too); in our house we talk about beauty on the outside and the inside. We talk about the first being down to luck (primarily) and the second being down to hard work. And the second, of course, is the most enduring.