Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pure Joy

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If only we could forever hold on to the joy we felt as a child over small things.

Our children derive so much pleasure from common occurrences such as having their favorite meal cooked for them, staying up late on special days, or just playing with friends. And the pure, unadulterated joy they feel when doing something for the first time is awe-inspiring. Take, for example, the first snowman our son built; we know it was small (okay, dangerously close to microscopic), but to him it was the best snowman ever and 11 years later he still holds it dear.

As we grow older, what happens to that joy? Is it that we become so accustomed to little pleasures that they lose their appeal? Like addicts, do we need more and more to feel the buzz of pure joy?

If we believe we can learn much from children and start viewing things through their eyes, I'm certain we can rekindle our relationship with pure joy. The question is: Will our egos allow us to?

Children can teach us much
if our egos allow!


  1. I agree with you, kids do show us how to really enjoy things, and not take them for granted, but I will defend myself. I find such joy in the littlest things. For instance, just today we (myself and my boyfriend) to go and see about getting new mobile phones, and I asked him 'So this is the route you take to work' he said yeah, I was beaming a big smile, and he just laughed because he said I was like a kid, all excited at the thought this was his route to work. And honestly I did find such joy knowing that. The fact this is the road he takes when he goes to work. I know it don't sound like much, but it was to me.

    Anyway thank you for sharing :)

  2. I'm not surprised that you derive pleasure from simple things because in the little time I've known you, that comes across loudly and clearly. But Emily, you realize that makes you one of the minority, right? Keep spreading your happiness and don't every change.