Monday, February 27, 2012

A Friend is...

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We all realize the importance of friendship.

I don't know why these baby birds make me laugh so much, but in my mind's eye they're like three old friends, dressed in their finery, sitting on a park bench gossiping and putting the world to rights. I can even hear them talk (preferably in a Welsh accent...think Dylan Thomas):

1: Ooh, did you see Sara go out last night?
2: Well, let me tell you she wouldn't have left my house looking like that-
3. Aw, come on you two! She's young. I remember when you...
1. Don't you tell that story.
2. Oh go on, I want to hear it again..

I think that looking at these three birds, huddled up watching the world go by reminds me once more of how important and precious friendships are. And though I know that no more friendship quotes are needed, I can't seem to help myself. To me, a friend is someone who knows you at your best...and sees you that way no matter what!

What do you think a friend is...?

A friend knows you at your best
and sees you that way, no matter what!


  1. I really believe a friend is simply someone you care about as much as you care about yourself. Someone you care about enough, to put their needs first. We don't act in that way for everyone, but most often, for a friend.

    1. I really like this answer; with such a belief it's no wonder that you have many friends!

  2. Like the saying goes, "A friend is someone who knows your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are"...

    And knows where you hid the body! lol

    Kathy xo

    1. Aw...that's why you're my friend; you'd NEVER tell where the body's hidden, would you...Kathy! Would you??

  3. I love the conversation going on here! For me a friend would always be someone who never, ever judges you. Yes, no matter what you have done, they will shout, they will scold, but yes, they will never judge. No matter what you wear, what you do! :)

    1. Another excellent reply; acceptance is a huge part of friendship. And surrounding ourselves by people who don't judge us helps keep us feeling good about ourselves.