Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to the Future

We all hear that history repeats itself; but don't you sometimes wonder if what we see today is a precursor of what's to come?

I'm not prone to worry; however, somewhere in the back of my mind I wonder if, someday, life will move backward by a few centuries. I don't buy into the apocalypse theories and don't think we or our children will see this backward shift, but I grow concerned when I see the lack of harmony between the earth and her inhabitants.

People in developing countries understand the need for harmony. I'm not being Pollyanna about things here; life in developing countries can be extremely tough, far more than it should be in this technological age. But there's a knowledge-base and an inherent respect for nature there that we seem to have forgotten or ignore; and that alarms me.

New knowledge and progress is important, but in our haste to develop let's remember that some of the 'old' knowledge remains crucial!

In our hast to develop,
let's remember that some of the 'old' knowledge
remains crucial. 

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